Measurement suite

Measure anything, anywhere

Our measurement suite gives you full visibility into your customer journeys across every channel and device, while preserving customer privacy.

Comprehensive measurement for every channel and device

Accurate, holistic insights into every customer journey

See the full picture of your campaigns

Your customers move across multiple devices and channels every day. Our measurement suite gives you complete visibility into your paid, owned, offline, and in-app data across mobile, web, and CTV so that you can understand the real value of every campaign.

Use your data, your way

Your business needs are dynamic. With configurable, self-serve integrations and customizable attribution settings, our measurement suite is designed to adapt to your business. And, our integrated privacy controls let you decide how you want to connect with partners.

Uncover the hidden story in your data

Getting trusted data is just the beginning. Our range of analytics tools, including incrementality and predictive analytics, help you dig deep into your data to understand what it means today, and what you can do to optimize your campaigns moving forward.

Don’t just take our word for it

Skyscanner AppsFlyer Customer OG
Increase in loyal users
Increase in loyalty
Increase in in-app engagement
“AppsFlyer’s intuitive dashboards, real-time data and full-featured raw data reports are head and shoulders above the pack. Behind all of these amazing features though is an extremely talented customer support team ready to help us with every question and challenge we have encountered.”
FuboTV AppsFlyer Customer OG
Reduction in CPI across Android and iOS
Increase in budget allocation efficiency
“It’s all about data at the end of the day. There’s no other tool that aggregates and measures the data the way AppsFlyer does. Consolidating, comparing and being creative with the data helped our marketing teams come together to learn and rethink our marketing strategy across all channels and devices.”
eBay AppsFlyer Customer OG
In-app events measured
Countries and territories covered
“AppsFlyer is our source of truth when it comes to attribution. We have gained full 360-degree insight to our user acquisition activity, while lowering our costs. No marketing tech stack is complete without AppsFlyer.”

Integrate with over 9,000+ partners worldwide

Connect with more media sources, ad networks, and analytics partners than with any other SDK in the industry.

What you can do with our APIs and raw data solutions

Multi-touch attribution icon

Multi-touch attribution

Get a wider perspective of customer journeys, identifying all touchpoints contributing to conversions.

SKAdNetwork attribution

Overcome the limitations of iOS 14+ with a flexible, 360-degree solution.

Trusted data

Make informed decisions about your campaigns with unbiased data, backed by unmatched scale.

Industry leading privacy

Keep your business compliant and your customers happy with our privacy-first approach to measurement.

SDK or S2S integration

Combine the most connected SDK and server-to-server APIs for truly comprehensive reporting.

Ready to measure anything, anywhere?